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Vaginal Steam | V-steam 

"Relax, refresh, rejuvenate and restore your uterine, reproductive and sexual health."

Vaginal steaming, also known as yoni steaming, v-steams, bajos, or hip baths.  V-steams have been around in ancient indigenous cultures to Asia, Africa, Australia and South America for centuries.  We have practice steaming here in USA for centuries down south but we didn't have special name for them our ancestors just called them steams.  V-steams is the practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to permeate the vagina to cleanse and revitalize the uterus.  Although this process most commonly reduces discomfort associated with menstruation, there are much more benefits. 


45 minutes $85


45 minutes $135 


30 minutes $240 

NOTE: Do not steam if you are pregnant, in full menstrual flow, or if having any form of acute outbreak or infection, or open wounds at the perineum site. Those with an IUD can only do short, mild-level steams.   

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